Pursuant to the Health Professions Amendment Act No.26 of 2021 as read together with the Health Professions Act No. 24 of 2009.  The training and examination unit is responsible for;

1. Health Training Program Curricula Approval and Review

Any training institution intending to offer a health-related training program is required to develop and submit the curriculum to the Council for approval before applying to the Higher Education Authority (HEA)

2. Indexing & tracking of student progression undergoing health training programs

All students enrolled in a health-related training program are required be indexed with the Council within 1 month of commencement of the training program. Indexing is meant to facilitate the tracking of indexed students during and after training, and ensure compliance to the admission, training and student examination requirements.

3. Conduct Professional Licensure Examinations (LEX)

The Licensure examination tests competency and knowledge of qualified health professionals registerable with the Council. No qualification certificate is issued to candidates who are successful in the examination, as the HPCZ is not an education institution. A candidate who passes the Licensure examination is deemed eligible for placement on the professional register. The examination focuses on the application of theoretical knowledge in practice and will also include issues relating to ethics and human rights. The Licensure Examination consists of two components; a written and practical examination. A student is expected to pass both the theory and practical examinations to be eligible for licensing by HPCZ.

4. Approval of Internship for health professionals

Internship is the educational and training process of strengthening knowledge, skills and attitudes to a high level of an intern in a particular health profession. The Council approves internship sites for following health professionals:

  • Junior Resident Medical Officer
  • Junior Resident Dental Surgeon
  • Medical Licentiate Intern
  • Pharmacy Interns
  • Dental Intern
  • Emergency Care Interns
  • Optometry Interns
  • Clinical Anaesthetists Interns
  • Advanced Paramedics- Anaesthetist Interns

5. Approval of Continuing Professional Development programs

Continuing professional development (CPD) is defined as training that leads to broadening of knowledge and skills and enhancement of personal qualities related to continuous improvement in the performance of professional duties.  CPD is provided for under Section 35 of the Health Professions Act No. 24 of 2009 of the Laws of Zambia. It is mandatory that health practitioners produce evidence of having engaged in Continuing Professional Development as a prerequisite for renewal of Practicing Certificate

Documents to be made available for Download

  1. List of Approved Curricula
  2. Indexing Guidelines
  3. Indexing Application form
  4. Guidelines for Licensure Examinations
  5. Rules for Licensure Examinations
  6. Application for Licensure Examinations

Competency Frameworks for Various Professions:

i. Clinical Officer General

ii.  Clinical Officer Psychiatry

iii. Advanced Paramedical Ophthalmologists

iv. Anesthetic Officers

v. Community Health Assistants – HIV

vi. Medical Licentiates

vii. Medical Doctors

viii. Dental Surgeons

ix. Dental Technologists

x. Dental Therapists

xi. Dental Assistants

xii. Environmental Health Technologists

xiii. Environmental Health Officers

xiv. Nutritionists

xv. Nutrition Technologists

xvi. Dietetics

xvii. Biomedical Science Technologists

xviii. Biomedical Scientists

xix. Laboratory Scientists

xx. Science Laboratory Technologists

xxi. Radiation Therapists

xxii. Radiation Therapy Technologists

xxiii. Radiography Technologists

xxiv. Radiographers

xxv. Sonographers

xxvi. Sonography Technologists

xxvii. Optometrists

xxviii. Optometry Technologists

xxix. Pharmacists

xxx. Pharmacy Technologists

xxxi. Public Health Scientists

xxxii. Public Health Technologists

xxxiii. Prosthetics and Orthotics

xxxiv. Physiotherapists

xxxv. Physiotherapy Technologists