A Certificate Of Status (Certificate of good standing) is issued to any Health Practitioner who needs registration with another regulatory authority in another country or /training institution. Only Practitioners who have been practicing for a minimum period of one year on the full register and have no disciplinary proceedings against them qualify for issuance of this certificate. This certificate is valid for six (6) months.


Requirements for Certificate of Status (Good Standing) are as follows;

  • Completed HPCZ application Form 5 and signed by the head of institution (or the last employer for those practitioners who have left the country).
  • Proof of payment (non-refundable fee)
  • Submit requirements for registration from;
  1. regulatory body or
  2. offer of employment or
  3. a training institution or other supporting documents from institutions where the certificate is required
  • Submit a letter stating the reasons why you are applying for a certificate of good standing

Note :

  • Practitioners with cases in progress or pending with the disciplinary committee of the Health Professions Council of Zambia are not entitled to a certificate of good standing.
  • Practitioners in annual fees arrears will not be issued with a certificate of good standing.
  • Practitioners with less than twelve months period on full register are not eligible for a certificate of good standing.
  • Practitioners to provide professional reference where the head of institution is not a registered practitioner under HPCZ(Professional body/Certified HPCZ supervisor)