This is a register for foreign trained Health Practitioners. The Temporary registration period is two years for all Health Practitioners. All Practitioners on this register work under supervision of an approved supervisor. Upon successful completion of this period a Practitioner is required to apply for full registration after being assessed by the supervisor and recommended their head of institution.

Requirements for Temporary Registration of health practitioners trained from outside Zambia are as follows:


1. Completed HPCZ Temporary registration application form
2. Certified declaration by the Commissioner of oaths/Notary Public

  • Letter of offer of employment from prospective employer
  • Proof of Registration from the Country of Origin or Country the practitioner Last Practiced
  • Certificate of  Status (Good Standing) from country the practitioner last practiced
  • Certificate of competence in English from the British Council-Zambia if applicant is from non English speaking country.
  • Photocopies of professional primary qualifications i.e. certificates, diplomas or degrees certified by the Commissioner of oaths/Notary Public or the embassy representing his/her country in Zambia.
    Note: The originals of the primary qualifications to be physically shown to the Council at the time of registration
  • Completed Privilege-to-Supervise-Form form for those seeking employment in a registered private health facility.
  • One passport size photograph (white background-observe formal dressing).
  • Certified Copy of NRC or Passport for non-Zambians
  • Proof of passing the HPCZ Professional licensure examination.
  • Medical examination report from a government health facility in Zambia.
  • Proof of verification of professional qualification from Zambia Qualifications Authority

*Temporary registration is valid for two years.