Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) congratulates all candidates who sat and passed the September/October 2018 licensure examinations.

It is imperative to highlight that the licensure examinations are conducted in line with HPCZ licensure guidelines and are consistent with general principles that guide the administration and management of professional examinations internationally.The September/October Licensure results were published after undergoing due process of moderation of the results by the Council’s Board of Examiners and its decisions are final.

The grading of licensure examinations carry the Literal Grade description of Pass or Fail and does not give Numerical Grade for results obtained. Licensure examinations should not be viewed in the same light as academic examinations as their sole purpose is to protect the health safety and welfare of the public by ensuring that the candidate meets the minimum level of competence to practice in their respective professions. Candidates who failed a component (either Theory or Practical) of the examination are required to repeat both theory and practical in the next Lex session.


The Examination Department provides for candidates who appealed by observing the 10 working day period allowed for in the LEX Guidelines. The appeal window was open from 6th to 19th November 2018 and the processing time for appeals is a maximum of one (1) calendar month.

Registration for Next LEX

Registration for the next LEX session is now open and will run for an extended period up to 14th January 2019.Late registration will run from 15th to 18th January 2019 which attracts double the LEX fees.


Application Forms must be downloaded and submitted duly filled to HPCZ Examinations Department in hard copy.