HPCZ Committees

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee discharges such functions as may be delegated to it by the Council. The Committee meet to review cases that were received by the Council and referred to the Disciplinary Committee for proceedings from time to time.


The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee deals with matters relating to policies, laws and regulations guiding the operations of the Council. Its composition is as shown below. The Committee recommends various policy documents and guidelines to the Council.


The Education Committee

The Education Committee deals with matters relating to the training of health practitioners registrable with the Council. The Committee has representation from training institutions that train health professions registrable by the Council , the Education Committee has recommended a number of training programmes for approval to the Council in the past recent years


The Disciplinary Committee


Note: The graph indicates that the number of complaints received by the Council has been decreasing and 2013 recorded the lowest over a period of five years. The implication may be that practitioners are responding to the sensitization of the Council or that other members of the public are not reporting cases of professional misconduct.

The Disciplinary Committee meets to hear and determine any disciplinary action initiated by the Council or any person against a health practitioner or health facility that has contravened any provisions of the Health Professions Code of Conduct or any provisions of the Act. The Committee may publicize, as it may consider appropriate, facts relating to any health practitioner or health facility which is found guilty of professional misconduct. Out of the 16 cases referred to the Disciplinary Committee in the year under review, 13 cases were concluded while three (03) were deferred to 2014 as shown in Table 19. Below is a graphical representation of the number of complaints that the Council received in the past five (05) years from 2009 to 2013.

Finance, Audit and Administration Committee

The objective of the Committee is to guide, monitor and supervise the financial and administrative work of management and advise the Council on appropriate policies and actions.


Specialist and Impaired Practitioners Committee

The Committee is responsible for approving specialist applications and recommends rehabilitation programs for impaired health practitioners. The following were the achievements of the Committee over the recent past years:

  • Approved 16 applications for the registration of Specialists in various fields;
  • Assessed a case of alleged impairment and recommended for the suspension of a practitioner’s Practicing Certificate until a rehabilitation programme has been undertaken and the practitioner deemed safe to practice by the Supervisor; and
  • Strengthened the criteria for Specialist Registration.