Dr. Aaron Mujajati
   Chief Executive Officer/Registrar
Health Professions Council of Zambia


This Strategic Plan provides a framework for HPCZ action during the next four years to ensure that we continue to thrive as a leading Regulator of Health Care and Training services for public protection. It identifies five Key Result Areas (KRA’s) and outcomes to be accomplished from 2018 through 2021. The plan reflects guidance provided by stakeholders during various workshops and engagements and builds on the HPCZ’s remarkable success over the past decade.

In the next four years HPCZ is focusing on the following Key Result Areas (KRA’s):


1. KRA 1: Committed, Competent and High Performing Workforce
2. KRA 2: Enhanced public awareness and confidence in the HPCZ brand
3. KRA 3: Fit for purpose infrastructure
4. KRA 4: Sustained Resource Base and fiscal discipline for the growth of the Council
5. KRA 5: Organizational Strength and Operational Effectiveness
6. KRA 6: Excellent and effective execution across the core function
The 6 KRA’s are aligned to the strategic pillars.


Chapter one is the introductory part of the plan whereby the background of HPCZ, institutional review framework, mandate of HPCZ, management and core functions and stakeholder needs are discussed. Chapter two speaks about the overall situation analysis which is the thrust for the formulation of the Strategic Plan. Chapter three ends with the cluster and analysis of the strategic issues and presentation of the strategy map highlighting four balance scorecard perspectives: financial, customer/stakeholder, internal business process and organizational capacity.


Chapter three shares the vision, mission and values together with key result areas and the strategic objectives of this plan. Chapter four is about how the plan will be implemented; this chapter concentrates much on governance, institutional framework and over all implementation arrangement. The last chapter is on how the performance of the plan will be monitored.

In conclusion, we are involved in more demanding, complex, and interdependent work with rapidly changing business models, processes, and technology. We need a thorough understanding of the business value, cost, and impact on operational efficiency of new requirements, investments, or Initiatives. The HPCZ Strategic Plan 2018-2021 will ensure we make the needed investments and develop the initiatives to maximize our ability to achieve our important mission.